Bagby Hot Springs


Located in the Mount Hood National Forest, Bagby Hot Springs is wonderful place to visit on a day trip from most homes in Portland, Oregon.

Type: Developed Hot Springs
Hours: Daily
Fee: None
Driving Instructions:  Bagby Hot Springs is 61.2 miles southeast of Oregon City.  From the intersection of I-205 (Exit 9) and Highway 99E in Oregon city, head NE on I-205 to Exit 12, the exit for the town of Estacada and for Highways 224 and 212, drive to the point where they split, 3.2 miles.  Take the right fork at this split, Highway 224, to its intersection with Highway 211 in Estacada, 15.4 miles.  Stay straight on Highway 224 and continue to where it ends at its junction with Forest Roads 57 an 46, 25.7 miles.  bear right onto Forest Road 70, 3.7 miles.  Turn right and go to the Bagby Hot Springs turnoff, 6.0 miles.  Turn left and drive to parking, less than 0.1 miles.


Bagby Hot Springs Map


Hiking Instructions:  Hike to the springs on a well-maintained and pleasant trail, 1.4 miles.  During the winter, the trail can be quite difficult.  Some of the hills become icy, so be sure to wear a pair of good trail shoes.  The trail follows the Hot Springs Fork of the Collawash River through old-growth forest dominated by Douglas fir.  Side Note:  There are swimable spots along the way, particularly at the 0.4 and 1.2 mile points, but they are really too cold.

Comments:  To my knowledge, this is the most well developed of the free hot springs in Oregon.  At 2280 feet elevation, the hot springs is managed cooperatively by the Forest Service and a volunteer group, the Friends of Bagby.  Many call Bagby their favorite hot spring.  The spring water is channeled by wooden flumes into numerous bath houses and private tubs.  The private tubs are 10 feet long by 2-3 feet wide cedar logs that have been hollowed out.  A stopper is at the end of the tub to collect the flow of water so, if you're planning to use a private tub, account for a bit of time to fill the tub.  There also numerous public circular tubs near the private bathhouses and an upper bathhouse with a lone circular tub.  From the source, the water is 136 degrees Fahrenheit.  Wooden buckets, which can be filled with cold spring, water are available for mixing to achieve the desired temperature.  Nudity is to be expected.  Bagby requests that no soap be used and that users clean out their tubs with brushes, which are provided after each use.  A very popular place, the springs may be best enjoyed at odd hours and times of the year and in crummy weather. However, if you go in the winter be prepared for a somewhat more difficult hike.  Also, due to its popularity, bullies and vandals have sometimes been a problem.  Please be courteous to others.


A trail to Bagby Hot Springs. These can be slick and icy in the winter months.


One of the round hot tubs at Bagby. The wooden structures at Bagby are rather remarkable.


Aerial view of Bagby Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)

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