Barry Ranch Hot Springs


Barry Ranch Hot Springs were the site of a geology study by The Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries. They are part of the Geothermal activity in Goose Lake Valley.

Type: Unimproved, Test Wells.
Hours: Not applicable.
Fee: There may be private property issues with this location.
Driving Instructions: 100 miles from most homes in Klamath Falls and 200 miles from the booming real estate in Bend, Barry Ranch Hot Springs are closest to Lakeview, Oregon. From the corner of N 4th St. and N G St. in Lakeview, head south on the Fremont Highway 395. The site of the test wells will be on the east side of the road 2.7 miles from the start of the intersection.


Barry Ranch Hot Springs Map


Comments:  The dominant structure in the area is the essentially north-south normal fault that separates Goose Lake Valley from the Warner Mountains. It is vertical or steeply westward dipping and, where exposed in the vicinity of Lakeview, is characterized by a breccia zone as much as 50 feet in width. The earlist fault movement probably occurred in the early Pliocene, and most of the movement on the fault took place before glaciation affected the
higher peaks in the Warner Range, although Pleistocene terrace material is faulted north of Lakeview.

Surface or near surface thermal phenomena are associated with this normal fault in three separate parts of the study area. The hottest is the Leach
Hot Well area just north of Lakeview, where a bottom hole temperature of 112.7ºC was measured in a 120-m hole. At Barry Ranch Warm Spring in the central part of the study area, a temperature o f 75.7ºC was measured in a 73-m hole, and at the Rockford Ranch, in the southern part of the study area, a temperature of 69.9ºC was measured in a 415-m hole.


Aerial view of Barry Ranch Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)

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