Bigelow (Deer Creek) Hot Springs


One of the McKenzie River hot springs nestled in its northern bank shortly past Belknap Hot Springs. Located in the Wilamette National Forest.

Type: Natural Hot Springs
Hours: Daily.
Fee: None

Driving Instructions: McKenzie River Hot Springs is 58.2 miles east of Eugene. From the intersection of I-5 and I-105/Highway 126 in Eugene, head east on Highway 126 to the end of the divided highway, 6.6 miles. Turn left onto Main Street, continuing on Highway 126, and drive to the junction with Highway 242, the McKenzie Pass senic route, 46.4 miles. Continue straight on Highway 126 to Forest Road 2654, 5.2 miles. Turn left and cross a bridge to parking on the right, less than 0.1 mile. Walk the nearest trail along the river, down-stream to the hot springs, 340 feet.


Bigelow Hot Springs Map



Comments:  This luscious spot is tucked in the bank right alongside the roaring McKenzie at 1800 feet elevation. Due to its proximity to the river, it is usually made too cool in the winter by the frigid river water. The best time to use this pool is when the river is at its lowest, during the Summer and Fall.

The pool measures 8 by 13 feet, is 1 to 2 feet deep, is 104 degrees F, and is floored with coarse sand.

Typically, there is a rock ring that allows the spring water to pool and the river water to mix slightly with the nearly ideal geothermal temperatures. If you enjoy a soak in a river setting with lush ferns and Oregon nature at hand the pool at Deer Creek should meet your liking.

Expect nudity.

Bigelow Hot Springs.


Aerial view of Belknap Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)

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