Crane Hot Springs


Crane Hot Springs
59315 Highway 78
Burns, Oregon 97720

Type: Commercial Hot Springs
Hours: Open Monday - Saturday 9 A.M. to 9 P.M., Sunday 2pm - 9pm
Phone: (541)493-2312
Fee: Yes. Inquire.

Driving Instructions: Crystal Crane Hot Springs is 25.5 miles southeast of Burns, head east on Highway 78 to the hot springs turnoff, 25.4 miles, between mileposts 25 and 26. Turn left and find parking, 0.1 mile.



Crane Hot Springs Map



Comments: This commercial site mixes a rustic hot spring pond, with temperature controled private soaking tubs. Cabins are available for rent, or for the lowest fee, a simple day use pass can be purchased for admittance to the pond. A wooden platform gives access to the water from the gravel and grass shoreline.

More Info: A little over 25 miles southest of Burns, Crane Hot Springs is a commercial venture that's light on amenities, "no TV, no telephones..." but long on quiet and solitude. Cabins, RV hookups, and campsites are available for over night stays.






Crane Hot Springs in the Winter. (Cached image links to Crane Website.)


Aerial view of Crane Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)

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