Fisher, Crump, Warner Valley, and Fisher Hot Springs


Type: Rustic Hot Springs
Hours: Daily
Fee: None.
Driving Instructions: The launching point for exploring these springs is either Adel to the south or Plush from the north. To reach Adel, head to Lakeview and Highway 395. If you're coming from the north you'll turn left on the 140 before reaching town. Head straight on Highway 140 for about 29 miles until you reach Adel.

To reach Plush follow the same directions to Adel, but after arriving on the 140, take a left on Country Road 3-13 / Plush Cutoff Rd. at about 16 miles east of the 395. Travel this road for approximately 15 miles, until reaching Plush.


Crump, Warner Valley, Fisher, and Hallinan Hot Springs Map



Comments: This collection of hot springs are sites to be visited by the adventurous. Crump, for example, brings little soaking reward but does have a bit of historical significance as it was once the largest continuously erupting geyser in the U.S. Today it is the location of an enclosed well. Still, if you're in the area (perhaps for a visit to Hart Mountain) exploring this, and the near by Warner Valley Hot Spring is pretty easy to do.

Fisher Hot Spring is of note. Currently it's a small tube harnessing the flow of the spring that is then funneled into a collection of eclectic containers. The mix varies, but sometimes includes a large cast iron bathtub. No guarantees on availability (or appearance) of that one. But it's free and rather scenic in that remote, sprawling desert sort of way.

Hallinan is difficult to access as it's located on private land.


Fisher Hot Springs (Cached image links to discussion.)


Aerial view of Crump, Warner Valley, Hallinan, and Fisher Hot Springs Area. (Links to interactive Google Map)


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