Echo Rock Hot Springs

Echo Rock Hot Spring is located on the southern bank of the Owyhee Reservoir. There is both a man made pool and hot shower.

Contact: Owyhee Reservoir
100 Oregon St.
Vale, Oregon, 97918
Phone: (503) 473-3144
Natural Hot Springs
Hours: Anytime. Open year round.
Fee: None

Driving Instructions: From the Jordan Valley head north on Highway 95 / Ion Highway 18.2 miles to Succor Creek Rd. Bear left onto Succor Creek Rd heading northwest 11.6 miles and then make a left onto Leslie Gulch Rd. Stay on Leslie Gulch Rd. 12.8 miles until reaching Owyhee Reservoir.

Hiking Directions: Hike along the southern bank of the Owyhee Reservoir for 4 miles until reaching the hot springs located at Latitude: 43.301696, Longitude: -117.382994.


Echo Rock Hot Springs Map - Links to interactive Google Map


Comments: This hot spring is popular among boaters and paddlers of the Owyhee Reservoir. Located a ways up a rocky southern bank of the reservoir, the hot spring has a recently constructed collecting pool and a previously made shower which are both close to 106° in temperature.

It is best to venture to this spring in the warmer months of the year from May to September so that the hike can be made in enjoyable weather, but the hike isrelatively flat and sees little p recipitation in this part of the desert, so reaching the hot spring anytime of year is manageable.

There is plenty of flat ground near by to allow for camping so any hikers interested in packing in to the site are able to set up tents as well as paddling crews.




Aerial view of Echo Rock Hot Springs


White Arrow points to the hot spring, Owyhee Reservoir is in the background.

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