Luce Hot Springs


Remotely located, Luce currently provides water for two feeder pools.

Type: Unimproved Hot Spring.
Fees: None.
Driving Instructions: From Burns, take Route 78 east until reaching the city of Crane. In Crane take the Crane-Ventor / Riverside Rd. and head towards Dunnean / Venator. Take the second left in Venator and proceed to the S. Fork Malheur Rd. The feeder pools can be seen on the left about 1/3 of a mile before S. Fork Malheur Rd. terminates into Juntura-Riverside Rd. Take one of the the several lefts to locate the hot spring.





Luce Hot Springs Map




Comments: The temperature at the source of Luce Hot Springs is a scalding 145º F so excercise extreme caution when exploring this hot spring.

There are few cities near by as Burns is 55 miles away and Juntura is 27 miles, both over back country roads.













Luce Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)



Aerial view of Luce Hot Springs.


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