Wall Creek Hot Springs


A single pool surrounded by virgin old growth forest, Wall Creek Warm Spring's tepid temperatures are made up by the inspiring forest flora.

Type: Natural Hot Spring.
Fees: None.
Driving Instructions: Wall Creek Hot Springs is 50.6 miles southeast of Eugene. From the intersection of I-5 and I-105/Highway 126 in Eugene, head south on I-5 to Exit 188A, the exit for Willamette Highway, Oakridge and Highway 58, and go to Crestview Street in Oakridge, about 35 miles (Crestview Street is at a traffic signal, and is signed to CITY CENTER). Turn left and drive to 1st Street, 0.2 miles. Turn right onto what becomes Salmon Creek Road/Forest Road 24, and follow it to Forest Road 1934, 9.4 miles. Turn left and go to the trailhead turnout on the left, 0.5 miles.

Hiking Instructions: From the trailhead, hike to the hot springs, 0.5 miles.



Wall Creek Warm Springs Map




Comments: At 96 degrees F, this 18 foot diameter pool is best enjoyed during warmer months. It has a sand and gravel bottom and is surrounded by an old-growth forest. A fast flowing stream passes near by while the pool has no noticable sulphur smell about the water. Large river rocks encirlce the spring's edge and given its dimensions the warm pool can easily accomodate anywhere from 1 to 6 soakers. Given the setting--the burbling Wall Creek, forest filtered light, the ancient and mamoth trees standing sentry, it's no wonder that this warm spring is affectionately referred to as "Meditation Pool".

Clothing is optional at this secluded spring.






Wall Creek Warm Springs - "Meditation Pool." (Links to interactive Google Map)










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