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     Oregon is a state with numerous hot springs, many of which are close to major cities, such as Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Bend. As you can see on the map, the geothermal pools are scattered throughout the state, so it is rare that you're more than an hour or two drive away from a place to soak.

     Some of the most popular of hot springs and pools in Oregon are: McCredie, near Eugene; Cougar (Terwilliger), near Eugene and Bend; Belknap Resort, a commercial hot spring and resort also near Eugene and Bend; Bagby hot tubs, near Portland; Umpqua hot springs, near Roseburg; Lehman Resort and Spa, near La Grande; Breitenbush Retreat and Conference Center, near Salem, and the remote Alvord Desert hot springs, located in the Alvord Desert, east of the Steens.

Map of Oregon Hot Springs


     The following sites are excellent tools for more information on hot and cold water springs in any of the states.  The National Geophysical Data Center lists spring temperatures with latitude and longitude in decimal format.  The decimal format is useful at the Tiger Map Server .  There you can input the lat. and long. and select what details you want to be displayed on the map.  The USGS Geographic Names Information System allows you to run searches using a county, spring name, or quadrangle to find the location of a spring; however, the springs listed are both hot and cold.  The latitude and longitude may not seem to match up with NGDC and the Tiger Map Server , because the USGS lists its latitude and longitude in degree/minute/second format.  If converted, however, they do.

For a Word document listing of the springs at the NGDC click here: sprnglst.doc


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