Austin Hot Springs


At 186ºF the water at Austin Hot Springs is extremely hot, and the utmost care needs to be taken in making sure not to burn yourself while finding an area comfortable enough to soak.

Type: Natural Hot Springs
Hours: Anytime. This area is sometimes closed due to over use. For the latest information you can contact the Northwest Forest Conservancy, or specifically Ron Northway at [email protected].
Fee: None

Driving Instructions: Austin Hot springs is approximately 60 miles from most homes in Portland, OR. Head towards Estacada the drive 30 miles southeast on Highway 224. The 224 becomes Clackamas River Road and the springs are located in the Clackamas River, about 4 miles east of the River Ford Campground.


Austin Hot Springs Map


Comments: As mentioned above, the springs are very hot and need to be mixed with river water in order to be comfortable enough for soaking. Depending on season, river height, and use, there will likely be several rock rings built for just such a purpose. These rings create tolerable pools, but be sure to test the temperature to find one you can bear. You may need to mix the water as well.


Many thanks go out to the Northwest Forest Conservancy for making this site usable. Do your part and take care not to damage banks, harm plant life, or mar the area with litter. Be sure to bring a bag to collect any of the rubbish you may create, or stumble upon while there, and if you notice an egregious vandal or litterer it's not uncouth to report them. The land won't speak up for itself.

Hopefully, with proper use this area can be enjoyed by many far into the future.


Austin Hot Springs.


Aerial view of Austin Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)

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