Blue Mountain Hot Springs and Pool


A hot spring with a vibrant past, Blue Mountain has had frequent visitors over the years and remains a settled destination at present.

Type: Hot springs channeled into a spa and pool.
Hours: Daily.
Fee: Call
Contact: Blue Mt. Hot Springs Guest Ranch
Star Route
Pairie City, OR 97876
(541) 820-3744
Driving Instructions: Approximately 180 miles from most homes in Bend, the approach to Blue Mountains Hot Springs is typically along Highway 26 heading east from Bend or along Highway 395 from the South. Portland residents can likewise take Highway 26 and meet up with the rest in John Day. Once in John Day, head a bit further east until you reach Prairie City. Turn right (south) on Main street and then bear left onto SW Bridge St. / Logan Valley Rd. Take no turns and head about 12 miles until you reach signs for the Blue Mt. Hot Springs Guest Ranch, veer left and drive the short distance to parking.


Blue Mountain Hot Springs Map



Comments:  At its source the springs are 120º F but as they flow into the swimming pool they cool to about a 100 degree average. Warmer spots are closer to the piped in source, while the pool gets cooler towards the far end.

The springs have been frequented as far as history is recorded for the area. The first documented settlement of the springs were by a furniture maker and his wife in the 1860s.

As the decades past the springs became known as a destination for viewing the mystery of geothermal activity, those seeking wellness from the mineral rich water, drinking, swimming, and bathing

At one time under private ownership, today the hot springs are a scenic destination open to outside guests.

Below are some images of Blue Mountain Hot Springs.

The swimming pool at Blue Mountain Hot Springs.


Aerial view of Blue Mountain Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)

Note the pool to the northwest of the arrow.

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