East Lake and Paulina Hot Springs


Two springs a short distance from most homes in Bend, Oregon, East Lake and Paulina are lakefront, shoreline springs and require lake levels to be low enough for proper mixing.

Type: Lake Shore Hot Springs
Hours: Daily
Fee: None.
Driving Instructions: South on Highway 97 about 21 miles from Bend, take a left onto Paulina East Lake Road. Travel approximately 19 more miles to a camp turn off on the left between Paulina and East Lake.

Follow signs to either Paulina or East Lake.




East Lake and Paulina Hot Springs Map



Comments: Many of the hot springs in both Paulina and East Lake occur under water, but there are spots where springs can be found (or constructed) along either. The ones at Paulina are typically easier to harness. Their main location is in the north east corner of the lake and along that area's shoreline. Spring water that is isolated before reaching the lake can reach up to 126º F, so creating a pool that blends lake water and spring water is advisable.

The best springs in East Lake are located on the sothern end of the lake in a grassy tuff headland. Temperatures here are higher, but they are diluted by lake water before reaching the surface. The level of East can also varying to a large degree (+/- 8 feet) so at times the springs may be totally submerged. The best bet for locating the East Lake springs is during the Summer or Fall.


This is the style of lakeside hot spring that is typical at Paulina and East Lake


Aerial view of East Lake Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)


Aerial view of Paulina Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)


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