Hart Mountain Hot Springs


A semi-improved hot spring nestled within the The Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge.

Type: Natural Hot Spring
Hours: Anytime. Open year round. Difficult roads in winter.
Fee: None
Driving Instructions: Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge, and Antelope Hot Springs are 67.4 miles northeast of Lakeview. From the junction of Highway 140 and Highway 395 in Lakeview, head north to the point where they diverge and Highway 140 continues east, 4.6 miles. Turn right and drive to the turnoff for Hart Mountain and Plush, 15.8 miles, between mileposts 15 &16. Turn left, onto Country Road 313, and drive to a crossroads in Plush, 18.8 miles. Turn left and continue to Country Road 3-12, signed for Hart Mountain, 0.9 miles. Turn right and drive generally east to the end to the end of the pavement, 13.4 miles (do not get sidetracked by another country road). Now on gravel, drive to the refuge headquarters, 9.6 miles (the last three are steep). Bear right at the junction just beyond the headquarters and drive to the turnoff for the bathhouse at the hot springs, 4.1 miles (go right when the road forks). Turn right and drive on a rough dirt road to parking near a cinder-block building, 0.2 miles.

Hart Mountain Hot Springs Map



Comments: An excellent place for camping in the spring and summer. There are many springs in the area, most of which are cold. The hot spring remains accessible through out the year, but is a bit cool in the winter. Roads are also some what more difficult. The story behind the spring is that a rancher saw some water bubbling from a rock, stuck in a stick of dynamite, and "viola" instant hot spring. The concrete pool top and rought hew stone walls were later additions. The refuge is very scenic, which makes for great hikes. And the abundance of springs and creeks make for the nice camping. The pool measures 10 feet by 15 feet, and it is 5 feet deep and has water that is 100-106 degrees F. The spring water bubbles up from the pool's gravel and bedrock bottom.




Here is the main hot spring in Hart Mountain. The wall helps with prevent winds from making the soak too cool.


Another exterior view of Antelope Hot Springs at Hart Mountain.


Despite being covereved by concrete the Hart Mountain hot pool still feels rustic in its setting.

The concrete block walls have been finished on the inside as well in recent years.


Antelope Hot Springs' water clarity.


A panoramic view of the Hart Mountain National Antelope Refuge Hot Springs.



Aerial view of Antelope Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)



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