Lehman Hot Springs


A hot spring resort about 40 miles from La Grande, Lehman offers numerous amenities, soaking pools, activities, and lodging.

Address: Lehman Hot Springs
Box 187
Ukiah, OR 97880
(541) 427-3015
[email protected]
Type: Resort Hot Spring.
Fees: Vary. Contact for pricing.
Driving Instructions: From La Grande, take Highway 84 west until reaching the exit for Highway 244, the Ukiah-Hilgard Hwy. Travel on Highway 244 travel for about 31 miles until reaching Lehman Springs Rd. Turn left at milepost 17 and follow the signs to Lehman Hot Springs.


Lehman Hot Springs Map




Comments: Lehman Hot Springs is one of the Northwest's largest and oldest hot spring resorts, surrounded by over 3.9 million acres of Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and Umatilla National Forest.

The heated water used at Lehman is provided by 57 separate springs. Each spring ranges in temperature from 145 to 157 F and produce a total of 185 gallons per minute. There are three different hot spring pools. The first pool is very hot (110-116ºF), the second pool is between 102 and 104ºF. The largest pool is maintained between 85 to 95ºF, varying with time of year. The pools operate on a continual flow through basis, so no chemicals of any kind are used in these pools. The newest pool is a chlorinated, filtered pool to comply with Health Department rules.

Away from the pools the outdoors offers mountain bike rentals and trails, snowmobile trails, horseback riding trails, crosscountry ski trails, hunting, fishing, horseshoe pits, and camping / RV space reservations. There are also rooms for rent in the lodge and cabins available. Lehman Springs also offers, and is suitable for, group reservations.


Lehman Hot Springs Lodge and Resort. (Links to Lehman Website.)



Aerial view of Lehman Hot Springs (Links to interactive Google map.)


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