Olene Gap Hot Springs


You'll be able to spot Olene Gap by the presence of a large concrete holding tank. The spring is between the road and an irrigation canal.

Type: Low Flow Natural Hot Spring.
Fees: None.
Driving Instructions: From Klamath Falls, take Highway 39 east until reaching the fork of Highway 140 and 39. Exit onto Highway 140 and continue traveling east. Once the the highway approaches the Lost River, take the bridge over on the right and once across turn left onto Poe Valley Road. The springs are on the hillside to the right of the road, about 600ft from the bridge.





Olene Gap Hot Springs Map




Comments: Recent reports have it that Olene Gap produces too small a flow to be useful to soaking. The concrete holding tank in the vicinity is also reported to be empty.

Further chances for constructing a pool are slim due to the spring being so close to the road. As such, if conditions like these remain constant, chances for Olene Gap Hot Springs getting much frequent use are close to nill.









Olene Gap Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)










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