Radium Hot Springs


Another of Oregon's early western health spa hot spring resorts, Radium has been clsoed to the public since 1986.

Type: Natural Hot Spring / Old Resort.
Fees: None.
Driving Instructions: From La Grande, head south on Interstate 84 until reaching North Powder. Exit and and continue southward on Highway 30, the La Grande - Baker Hwy. Drive nearly all the way to Haines, but when within ½ a mile take the first left past Haines Cemetery Lane. Take this road to its termination and you will have arrived at the old Radium Hot Springs structure.





Radium Hot Springs Map




Comments: Radium was originally called the Haines Hot Springs Sanitarium as dubbed by its builder, Dr. May. The structure was an 100 room, two story building that burned shortly after its completion in 1906. Rebuilt, it burnt down again 1915, and then the final original buildings succombed to fire in 1926.

Soon after , based on the success of the thermally heated pool in Cove, plans were executed to build a similar pool. This strucutre is still in place and can be see in the aerial photos below. The pool officially opened on July 4th, 1926.

The pool ran in different capacities for 60 years, but has now been closed to the public for more than 20 years.






The Old Resort at Radium Hot Springs


Radium Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)


Another aerial view of the structures at Radium Hot Springs


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