Snively, Deer Butte, and Mitchell Butte Hot Springs


A collection of three hot springs near the Oregon/Idaho border. Snively is the most accesible.
Snively Hot Springs
BLM Land Scrub Valley at 2280'
Owyhee Dam 7 1/2
Type: Primitive Hot Springs
Hours: Any Hours
Fee: No
Driving Instructions: Owyhee River and Snively Hot Springs are 25.0 miles south of Vale. From the intersection in Vale of Highway 20 and Glenn Street, which becomes Lytle Boulevard, head south on Glenn Street to Janeta Avenue, 14.1 miles. There is a market on the right. Turn right and drive to the continuation of Lytle Boulevard, 0.2 mile. Turn left and drive to Owyhee Avenue, 1.7 miles. Turn right and go to Lake Owyhee (unmarked), 1.4 miles.


Snively, Deer Butte, and Mitchell Butte Hot Springs Map




Comments: Snively Hot Springs comes out of the ground near the road, encircled by a concrete barrier, two fee across. The temperature well exceeds 120 degrees F. The water flows 300 feet down to the river, where a circular pocket of rock, about 20 feet in diameter, has been constructed (the shape changes with change of builders). The water within is 2-3 feet deep.

This spring can be variable, but will usually provide a decent soak if its collecting ring is left standing.









Snively Hot Springs. (Links to interactive Google Map)










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