Juntura Hot Springs aka Horseshoe Bend Hot Springs

on Vale District BLM


A river island hot spring encompassed by the Malheur River. At 110º+ this can be a prime winter visit hot spring.

Type: Natural Hot Spring.
Fees: None.
Driving Instructions: Juntura Hot Springs is 1 and a ½ miles east of Juntura. Exiting Juntura and heading east, the access road is the second left off of Highway 20 - Central Oregon Highway. (The first (and wrong) left is Beulah Rd.) Head a ½ mile down the road and then bear right along the narrow track that follows the horseshoe bend of the river. At the apex of the bend, park and access the hot springs via a river crossing. There are several campsites in the immediate area.



Juntura Hot Springs


Comments: A remarkable, and hot!, place to soak. This spring can perhaps be best appreciated in the cooler months when the 110º+ temperatures tend to stablize around 105 degrees F. Otherwise be sure to have means to cool the spring with river water at the ready.

There are usually two benches on a wooden platform at the end of the spring, although especially high Malheur River levels may shake things up a bit. typically though, the spring remains above water, and on its little island, year round.

The immediate setting is one of desert scrub brush and the occasional juniper tree. The Malheur River provides a soothing background melody, and desert fescue and tuft round out the scenery. All come together to create a superb soak.



Juntura Hot Springs. The spring is located in the top right corner of the island.










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