Whitehorse Hot Springs

Whitehorse Hot Spring (Willow Creek) is one of the most remote hot springs in Oregon. It is a muddy bottomed, 4 ft deep pool that's about 9 feet wide. There are some natural rock steps and concrete/rock divider that creates two pool with slightly different temperatures.

Contact: Bureau of Land Management
Vale District Office
100 Oregon Street
Vale, OR 97918
Phone: (541) 473-3144
Natural Hot Springs
Hours: Anytime. Open year round.
Fee: None

Driving Instructions: Whitehorse Hot Springs is 43.5 miles southwest of Burns Junction, or arternatively, 33.5 miles south east of Fields, OR. From Burns Junction, go 20 miles south on US 95, then go 21 miles southwest on Whitehorse Road for 21 miles, and 2.5 miles south on BLM road 6315-0.

From Fields, OR head south on CR-201/Fields Denio Rd. for 8.2 miles. Take a sweeping left onto CR-203/Whitehorse Ranch Ln. Head east on this road 23.4 miles. At this distance here will be two quick rights and then a 1.7 mile jaunt on BLM road 6315-0 back to the turn out for the springs.

Whitehorse Hot Springs Map - Links to interactive Google Map


Comments: Located quite a ways out on bumpy desert roads, the relief for your tokus comes when you pull directly up to the springs and slip into the steamy hot water. Use cation though! the rocks can be slipperly.

Clothing is optional in this remote area, so use your best judgment when sharing the pool.

This area of Oregon has an abundance of wildlife with the famed Antelope of Hart Mtn. refuge being in the region, lots of jack rabbits, bats, and other assorted desert creatures. Keep your eyes peeled and you'll likely see a large variety.

Like the drive up, there is camping immediately available in the area that can be either full or empty at sporadic times. Really it depends if a group has decided to make an expedition to the area. Sometimes that are more likely than others to be full: early spring after snow melts and roads are graded, holidays, and long weekends such as Labor Day Weekend. This spot sees some visitors traveling to and from Burningman in the weeks preceding and the days immediately after Labor Day.


Aerial view of Whitehorse Hot Springs. Note the two pool spring bottom center.


This aerial view shows Whitehorse hot springs (green arrow) as well as Flagstaf Butte Hot Spring (red arrow). Flagstaff Butte Hot Spring is located 12.3 miles from Whitehorse.


Map from Fields, OR to Whitehorse Hot Springs

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